Rapper Tekashi69 announces he’s fired his entire team and cancelled US tour

Tekashi69 has fired his entire team and cancelled his US tour.

The rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, shocked fans on Thursday with his announcement made just days before he was due to hit the road.

He said he no longer has a manager, booking agent or publicist.

“I fired everybody,” he told his 15 million Instagram fans.

“I don’t got no manager, no booking agent, no PR, no publicist. I don’t got nobody on my team. It’s just me.”

The New York native also pulled the plug on his tour.

“I cancelled my whole tour. The American dates is not happening. It’s not going down,” he said.

The rapper had shows planned in New York, Texas and Florida.

He ended the video by warning venues not to book him – and plugging his new album.

“If you booking shows, do not book shows unless I say this show is gonna be booked with this person,” he said.

“They will steal your money. They’re not me. I’m not signing no fucking contracts. Whoever is booking shows for Tekashi69 is stealing your f***ing money.”

It comes after a rough few months for the rapper after he was hospitalised following a vicious attack over the summer. More recently, someone opened fire at a music video shoot where he was filming with Kanye West .

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